Hva leter du etter?

Recommended audiobooks

The Libby app, with its extensive selection of English audiobooks, has kept me entertained this year on countless long commutes and walks with the dog. Here are some of my favourite Libby gems for anyone looking for the next adventure to immerse themselves in. 

Where the Crawdad’s Sing by Delia Owens

The story follows the resilient and curious protagonist Kya Clark who grows up in an isolated North Carolina marsh. Left largely to fend for herself, Kya’s education comes from observing the wilderness around her. As the years pass she finds herself yearning for human company, acceptance and intimacy, while simultaneously fearing contact with the prejudiced inhabitants of the nearby town.

I found this best-seller hauntingly beautiful, with its vivid and poetic descriptions of a life lived in the heart of nature.

The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion

Of all the books on this list this is definitely the most lighthearted.

Gifted genetics professor Don Tillman is on a mission to find the perfect wife. He uses the same rigorous, evidence-based approach which he applies to his work, to finding a compatible partner. His careful planning is thrown for a loop however when he meets the chaotic and colourful Rosie, a woman who does not tick of any of his boxes and who is on a mission of her own.

I really recommend the audiobook format for this one because the voice acting definitely added to the hilarity, as well as the mix of exasperation and affection I could not help feeling for Don.

Dune by Frank Herbert

A sci-fi classic and a must for anyone who cannot wait for the film sequel to find out what will happen next on Arrakis. Paul Atreides’ noble family is sent by the emporer to govern an inhospitable desert planet. Under the sandy terrain lies the empire’s only source of the potent and extremely valuable spice melange. Paul’s family find themselves inescapably caught up in a violent struggle for control of the planet and it’s spice.

Even though sci-fi is not my usual genre of choice I don’t regret spending 21 hours on this audiobook. That’s right…21 hours!!! The central themes of environmentalism and human impact on ecology make this novel seem just as relevant today, if not more so, than when it was written over 50 years ago.

The elegance of the hedgehog by Muriel Barbery

To the wealthy Parisian tenants of the building she serves Renée seems like a grumpy, uncultured concierge. It’s not just that Renée doesn’t mind their unflattering assumptions about her. She actively encourages them while keeping her love of fine art, philosophy, literature and music a carefully guarded secret. But when a new tenant moves in he quickly comes to suspect that there is more to the inconspicuous concierge than meets the eye.

This was such a heart warming story. I promise, after listening to this you will find yourself appreciating more vividly the small pleasures and joys in life - a wonderful book, a cup of tea, a moment shared with a good friend.

The secret life of Addie Leroux by V. E. Schwab

Growing up in a rural town in 18th century France, the life of adventure that Addie yearns for is far from the confined and predictable life expected of a young woman like her. In a desperate bid to see the wider world, Addie makes a bargain with a shadowy figure. He grants her everlasting life but curses her to a life of loneliness - she will be forgotten by everyone she meets.

This was definitely one of my favourite books I listened to this year. Existential, thought-provoking and well written, the story was full of unexpected twists and turns. I assumed while listening that the book was adult fiction and was surprised to discover that it’s actually classified as Young Adult fiction. If that’s not your preferred genre don’t let that put you off. This novel can speak to either audience.

Skreddersydde lesetips

Er du på utkikk etter noe nytt, eller har du rett og slett gått deg vill i bokjungelen? Da kan vi kanskje hjelpe deg. Fyll ut skjemaet nedenfor så godt det lar seg gjøre, da blir det enklere for oss.

Her er noen eksempler på ønsker:
- "Jeg elsket De urolige av Linn Ullmann. Har dere noe som ligner på den?"
- "Jeg liker magisk realistiske romaner, som f.eks. Vindens skygge av Carlos Ruiz Zafon. Skulle gjerne lest mer av det."
- "Jeg sluker historiske romaner som Lucias siste reise av Vetle Lid Larssen. Mottar gjerne tips om lignende bøker!"

Beklager, nå stoppet det litt opp her på nettsiden. Last inn siden på nytt, er du grei 🗙