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Underwater moonlight av The Soft Boys

Musikktips fra James Hyde

En av våre faste lånere anbefaler 5 fantastiske plater.

Hi I’m Jimmy, a UK born lifelong vinyl junkie and general music fan. Very difficult to cherry pick a few albums from fifty plus years of adoration!


Four incredibly strong and diverse songs with Jimmy Page guesting on The Same Old Rock, Harper should have been a huge star but forever remains a hidden treasure. Influential album on his contemporaries and on a whole generation of musicians, including Johnny Marr, Joanna Newsome & Fleet Foxes, I first saw Roy in 1970 as support to Humble Pie, and have seen him many times since, I have CD & vinyl copies.

BACK IN ’72 - BOB SEGER 1973

I was given a copy of Back in 72 on cassette tape in the mid 70s but never saw the album anywhere, it became a Holy Grail to me. I found a vinyl copy in Greenwich Village NY for $5 in 1990, it was badly scratched but finally mine! A fabulous set by Bob, giving new life to songs by Allman Bros, Van Morrison & Free, The title track is breath taking. All of his work deserves a listen, such a genuine guy. Seger retired in 1995, but I was lucky enough to see him and the reformed band live in Houston Texas, 2007. 


The Soft Boys' second album defies categorization, psychedelic punk? It tastes of Beatles, Byrds & Barrett; Robyn Hitchcock’s lyrics & Kimbey Rew’s understated guitar runs are delicious. Another album that influenced a multitude, REM, Stone Roses. Track down the 1976-1981 compilation for alternate takes. Rew went on to reform The Waves with Katrina Leskanich and Hitchcok continues playing, releasing albums like Tromsø, Kaptein and Goodnight Oslo. I saw Hitchcock in Newcastle in 1994, Queen of Eyes, still in the set list.


I first heard Sonny on his 1992 Outward Bound album, and was stunned by his unusual style and ability; all of his work is fantastic, but have chosen this album for Congo Square, which also appears on Blues Attack, Grant Street & John Mayall’s Sense Of Place albums. Check out Sonny’s work as one of The Goners on John Hiatt’s albums. An unbelievable talent, I saw him live in Tampa Florida in 2002.


How do you single out one album by Zevon? The man was a phenomenal songwriter, musician and arranger. This is his swan song, aided by musician friends, Petty, Lindley,Springsteen etc, during his final days, the songs are heart breaking and exhilerating at the same time. Listen to everything in his catalogue, black humour and fabulous wordplay abound.

Beklager, nå stoppet det litt opp her på nettsiden. Last inn siden på nytt, er du grei 🗙